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Our referral program allows you to use Kalix for free! Receive credit by referring others to Kalix and never pay for Kalix again!

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The Referral Approach

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We think you’ll be so impressed with Kalix’s ability to save you time and streamline your practice that you won't be able to help but share it with others. And we love saving you money, so if you recommend Kalix to others, we’ll reward you for your referral.

Earning Kalix Credit

Access your unique referral code at the bottom of the subscription page. Share the code with your friends. When they subscribe to a paid Kalix account, they just need to enter this code under Additional Details on the sign-up page.

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  • Give $27 Credit

    Refer as many people as you wish. They each receive $27 towards their Kalix subscription when they register for a paid Kalix account using your referral code.

  • Earn $54 Credit

    You get $54 credit rewarded to your Kalix account after their first subscription payment is made. The credit is automatically assigned toward your subscription payment.


Never Pay for Kalix Again

There’s no limit to referral credits, so stack up your rewards and never pay for Kalix again. It’s another way we help your practice grow in innovative, cost-effective ways.

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Whether you’re a solo or group practice, Kalix offers the right practice management solution and pricing plan that works best for your organization. With no commitments, no contracts, and free-to-cancel anytime, we help you scale your business at a cost that meets your needs.

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