We integration with quality third-party apps to expand the capabilities of Kalix. By connecting Kalix with other software applications, you can take advantage of new features and tools that can make work easier and more efficient.

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Seamlessly Integrating Your Favorite Apps

At Kalix, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that integrates with some of your favorite apps, so you can get the most out of your Kalix experience.

  • Kalix gives you a central place to manage your clients’ data
  • Input client information once and view it across connected apps
  • Gain access to new features and tools from specialized programs
  • New integrations released based on your feedback


Cronometer is a food, exercise, and biometrics tracker (iPad/iPhone, Android & web access) providing accurate nutrition data, suitable for any diet. Track your client's progress directly from their profile in Kalix.

92% of All Grocery Items

Database contains over 800 000 food items including common foods, items from 760+ chain restaurants & branded foods.

Accurate Nutrition Data

Generates sophisticated nutritional data from food logs including calories, macronutrients, & up to 82 micronutrients.

Tracks Your Clients' Progress

Tracks 28 biometrics (body composition, cardio, labs, mood & sleep) plus any custom metrics you wish to set-up.

Syncs With Clients' Existing Apps

Including Withings, Googles Fit, Apple Health, Strava, Garmin, Polar, Qardio, Oura, Biosense, Keto Moko & Samsung Health.

Control Client Profiles

Modify your clients' settings including their anthropometrics, BMR & activity level. Set-up client weight, energy, and macronutrient targets.

Customizable Client Views

Tailor what each client can view as they log their records e.g., hide calories and other nutrients for eating disorder clients.

Client Nutrition Reports

Create highly configurable nutrition & biometric reports with tables, charts & target lines. Export to review progress with clients.

In-App Client Messaging

Easily communicate with your clients via Cronometer's secure, in-app client messaging. Leave notes for clients in their diary.


Fullscript is the leading virtual supplement dispensary. It’s a free platform that helps you save time and improve client care by dispensing supplements without the need for inventory.

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  • Generate Extra Income

    Use supplements to round out your treatment plans while adding additional income to your practice.

  • Refill Reminders

    Watch compliance skyrocket with automated refill reminders, auto shipping, and client discounts.

  • Professional Support

    Access webinars, podcasts, decision support tools, research papers, handouts, protocols & more.

  • The Kalix Advantage

    Create supplement recommendations from client's profiles in Kalix. Recommendations are automatically recorded in their chart notes.

  • Purchase Using Kalix Forms

    Clients' can view & purchase supplement recommendations directly from their action plan shared via Kalix.

  • Treatment Adherence

    Monitor all your clients' treatment adherence & help support behavior change via your own adherence dashboard.

Google Calendar

Sync your Kalix calendar with Google Calendar to view all of your appointments and personal events all in one place.

Choose between a two-way sync where Kalix sends your appointments to Google Calendar, and your events from Google Calendar are sent back to Kalix. Alternatively select a one way if you wish to send appointments from Kalix to sync to Google Calendar only.

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Prevent Double Bookings

Two-way sync your Google Calendars with Kalix to avoid double-bookings with personal events.

Turn Off Sharing Client Names

For security reasons choose to hide client names from the appointment details sent to Google Calendar.

Individual Provider Syncs

If you have a group practice in Kalix, each provider, can set-up their own Google Calendar sync.

Set-up Custom Appointment Types

Set-up or select the appointment type you wish to save Google Calendar events as in Kalix.

Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track is a food, nutrient, exercise, & weight tracking app (iPad / iPhone, Android & web) developed & maintained by a team of registered dietitians. Monitor your clients’ progress directly from their profile in Kalix.

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92% of All Grocery Items

Database contains over 800 000 food items including common foods, items from 760+ chain restaurants & branded foods.

Natural Language Engine

Nutritionix's natural language engine allows clients to speak or type what they have eaten & converts this into meaningful data.

Nutritional Profiles & Photo Logs

View food records, nutritional profiles & photo food logs for the last 3 months. Nutritional information includes energy, macro and micronutrient intake.

Nutrient Reports

View weekly average energy, macro & micronutrition intakes, as well as bar graphs displaying each day’s energy, carbohydrate, protein, & sodium intake.

Stripe & Square

Kalix integrates with the popular PCI compliant payment solutions StripeSquare. Connect your existing Stripe or Square account to Kalix for seamless credit card charging. If you are not set up with Stripe or Square, you can also create a new account from Kalix.

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  • Upfront Payments

    Clients can pay for appointments ahead of time when booking through Kalix's scheduling widget integrated with your website.

  • Save Credit Cards to File

    Collect credit card details through online scheduling (Stripe only) & online forms (both Stripe & Square) save them to file for future use.

  • In-Person Payments

    Accept payments in person using a USB card reader plugged into your smartphone or tablet (Square only) or through manual card entry.

  • Online Payments

    Charge previously saved credit cards or share invoices through email or text message for online payment.

  • Credit, Debit, & HSA/FSA Card

    Accept payments from credit, debit, HSA & FSA Cards. Payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

  • Refunds (Coming Soon)

    Process full and partial refunds for paid invoices. Clients receive refunds back onto their charged card.

Office Ally

Office Ally is a full-service clearing house offering a web-based service where healthcare professionals can submit claims to over 5000 health insurers.

From Kalix, send insurance bills to the clearinghouse Office Ally with a click of a button, and receive back payment information, adjustments, and final claim status. View rejections and resubmit claims with ease.

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women on computer using a calculator

Rupa Health (Coming Soon)

Rupa Health is a free platform for healthcare providers to order, track & receive results from 30+ lab companies in one place. Kalix integrates with Rupa Health so you can receive client test results directly in their profile in Kalix.

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  • Order Lab Work in Minutes

    Use one portal to order multiple tests from different lab companies. Search & select labs you want to order in seconds.

  • Rupa Health Handles Everything

    Your clients are sent one invoice to paid online. Kits are drop shipped directly at their address and Rupa handles any issues.

  • Results Come To You

    You'll be notified when results are in. All results save to each clients' profile in Kalix and are viewable within the Rupa portal.

Explore Our Other Features

Kalix everything your practice needs in the one place, taking care of practice management so you can focus on what really matters—client care.

  • A patient and dietitian shaking hands

    Client Management

    Access client files from any internet-connected computer or device, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

  • Appointment & Task Management

    Flexible calendars & task management Kalix keeps you organized in all areas of your practice.

  • person looking at a computer displaying a calendar

    Online Scheduling

    Kalix’s online scheduling allows you to accept bookings 24/7 without the need for admin staff. All bookings sync with your Kalix calendar, client profiles, billing, and messaging.

  • Telehealth & Webinars

    Kalix's HIPAA compliant virtual meeting & webinar solution allows you to easily connect online with individual clients, families, and groups.

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