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Create professional-looking chart notes, online forms, electronic agreements, client goal summaries, doctors’ letters & much more.

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Goodbye to Tedious Paperwork

Documentation is an essential part of client care. Client notes should be accurate, up to date & use a standardized format. When notes are handwritten, they can be challenging to read and may not include all necessary information captured in a consistent manner.

Kalix’s electronic HIPAA-compliant documents do all the hard work for you. Use Kalix to ensure that all your client information is entered correctly and is easily accessible. Having accurate, up-to-date information helps ensure clients receive the best possible care.

  • Access Kalix’s template library with over 100 customizable templates
  • All templates are designed by qualified healthcare professionals
  • Security store & organize all your client charts & documents
  • Feel confident knowing all documentation is safe & secure
  • Kalix automatically back-ups all client information in your account

A Paperless Practice

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

Chart notes autofill with data from clients’ profiles, their intake forms & previous notes. This not only saves time but also prevents errors & redundant data entry.

Extensive Template Library

Over 100 ready-made, customizable templates. Available templates include chart notes, online forms, electronic agreements, client goal summaries, & doctor’s letters.

Auto Plotting Growth Charts

Track pediatric clients’ length/height, weight & BMI for age using WHO & CDC growth charts. Kalix carries over measurements from your previous notes to graph trendlines over time.

Sign & Lock Chart Notes

The author of a chart note or their supervising practitioner can sign off & lock documents after their competition. The e-signature is time & date stamped.

Full of Features

  • Smart Filling Chart Notes

    An array of chart note templates for different client groups & professions. All utilize standardized formats, including ADIME, SOAP & DAP & are designed by qualified health professionals.

  • Template Builder

    Design & style your own templates for chart notes, forms, doctors' letters, & anything else you need. Kalix supports the creation of unlimited templates. Alternatively, access Kalix's template library.

  • Smart Phone & Tablet Friendly

    Take all your client notes & documents with you while you're on the go. Read & compose notes from anywhere on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Just log in to your account & get writing.

  • Auto Calculations

    Kalix automatically calculates client anthropometric measures as well as energy & macronutrient needs based on their collected information. All calculations are customizable, with many different equations to choose from.

  • Shared Uploads

    Upload & save client handouts, marketing material, & anything you need to run your practice successfully. Uploaded files can be easily shared with clients as attachments through online documents & telehealth chat.

  • Merge Fields

    To save time, add merge fields to documents to autofill with information from appointments, client details, referrals, contacts & much more. This way, you won't have to retype the same information over & over again!

  • Client Tracking

    Kalix allows you to monitor your clients’ improvement from the first meeting through follow-up assessments. You have the freedom to choose whatever factors you want to measure.

  • Custom Styling

    Customize how Kalix's documents & templates look when they are exported to Word or PDF. Add your own logos & letterhead & choose your fonts, styles & color scheme to reflect your branding.

  • Access Controls

    Prevent certain providers from viewing or editing the documents of others. Or hide the documents feature from selected users altogether.

Explore Our Other Features

Kalix everything your practice needs in the one place, taking care of practice management so you can focus on what really matters—client care.

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    Client Management

    Access client files from any internet-connected computer or device, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

  • Appointment & Task Management

    Flexible calendars & task management Kalix keeps you organized in all areas of your practice.

  • person looking at a computer displaying a calendar

    Online Scheduling

    Kalix’s online scheduling allows you to accept bookings 24/7 without the need for admin staff. All bookings sync with your Kalix calendar, client profiles, billing, and messaging.

  • Telehealth & Webinars

    Kalix's HIPAA compliant virtual meeting & webinar solution allows you to easily connect online with individual clients, families, and groups.

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